Delight and Amaze Your Patients

Fully customize the Online Appointment System to your patients needs

How does it work?

DrinCloud’s online booking system enables you and your clinic to accept bookings 24/7, reducing the time you spend taking bookings over the phone.

Your subscription includes a full website, professionally designed, with the bookings system already on it. You can also copy&paste the code on your WordPress site or in multiple sites.

It’s customisable and every new booking is automatically synchronised with your calendar. Your patients will love it too. With no usernames or passwords to remember, it’s the easiest online booking system they’ll ever use.


Bookings anywhere

DrinCloud Online bookings works on every device. Your customers can book on their iPhone, tablet or computer.

Right away on DrinCloud’s website

It comes already embedded and working on the website that your subscription includes.

Embed it in any website

With a simple line of code, online bookings can be embedded in any WordPress website, making for a more seamless experience if you wish.

Avoid Duplicate Entries

DrinCloud’s intelligent system allows patients to check the available slots in real time and create an appointments correctly.

Real time notifications

Your team and your patient receive an automatic notification. Patients can confirm or cancel the appointment at anytime.

We drive you customers

Patients receive a Free phone and an email notification. With just 1 clic, the can open Google/Apple Maps or ask for an Uber to drive them to the clinic.