Real-Time Reporting

Get robust, real-time operational, financial, and clinical reports at your fingertips. Customizable charts and graphs display data in easy to interpret formats, so you can see the metrics that matter most to your business.

Single Patient Management

Get a complete, well-organized snapshot of any patient, all in one place, with the ability to easily view and update patients’ demographics, insurance details, and account histories. You can also attach files, so you keep everything together — reducing paperwork and saving time. Plus, if you use our EHR, you can also view clinical information consolidated neatly in this one place.


Appointment Metrics Reports

DrinCloud has daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedule reports so that you can easily view and print your appointment data and charts.

Patient Reports

Appointment Reports

Financial Report

Revenue Reports

Wait Times

Wait Time Analysis

Customer wait time is one of the most reliable leading indicators of customer satisfaction. Optimizing customer wait times and monitoring them with wait time analytics create a competitive advantage.

Billing Reports

DrinCloud’s web-based billing software takes the guesswork out of financial performance, so you can run a more efficient business.

Income management

Accounts Receivable

Practice expenses

Accounts Payable

Suppliers management

Costs to Suppliers

Export Everything to Microsoft Excel

In a blinck of an eye, with just ONE CLIC, you can export any information to Excel so you can further analyze and personalize your reports.

Excel Reports